Pumps tailored to chemical set-ups

The Savino Barbera pumps for chemical plants are specifically designed and constructed to resist the pumping of aggressive liquids and corrosive products of every genre and typology. The custom design, in accordance with the type of system and liquid treated, allows for the application on large-scale products. Among these are:


  • pumps for chemical plants
  • pumps for industrial chemical processes
  • electroplating industry pumps
  • electronics industry pumps: making semiconductors and printed circuits
  • pumps for agriculture: from biogas to fertiliser production
  • pumps for water treatment: potabilisation, demineralisation, softening
  • pumps for the production of electricity: hydro-power and thermo-electric plants
  • pumps for the production and disposal of lead
  • pumps for the environmental sector: water and air purification, industrial fumes
  • pumps for equipment suitable for the construction of machines (OEM)
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