anti-corrosive centrifugal pumps

When treating, filtrating and recycling corrosive liquids in tanks at a constant level, which favours the formation of encrustations, the BS vertical pumps are particularly ideal. Featuring a standard length, intermediate support, mechanical seals and a lack of bushings, the BS model centrifugal pumps are more effective than the AS variety, being more resistant to the abrasive action combined with that of the chemical liquid. The BS model anti-corrosive centrifugal pumps feature the following characteristics:


  • Materials: PP, PVC, PVDF.
  • Constructed with a cantilever shaft, they are without wear bushings or supports.
  • Suitable for liquids with suspensions, with a tendency to form incrustations or to crystallise.
  • They have double-acting impellers to dynamically assure the hydraulic seal of the liquid.
  • With the possibility of mounting a dip tube, even the deepest tanks can be emptied.
  • Available in 6 sizes and 9 versions


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