Self-priming pumps

Among the various models and types of products, Savino Barbera also produces PA horizontal pumps. These are self-priming pumps that fit a variety of industrial systems, able to satisfy the most varied needs, from the emptying of vats and reservoirs to the drainage of wells. Equipped with quick and automatic self-priming discharge, they are available in both standing and transportable models.


  • Materials: PP or PVC.
  • Savino Barbera mechanical seal.
  • Flow rates of up to 16 m³/h.
  • Heads up to 15 m w.c.
  • Suction depth of up to 4 metres.


trolley-mounted and free-standing pumps

The SP monoblock horizontal pumps are self-priming pumps equipped with priming chamber with base plate or trolley. They are characterised by their high resistance to chemicals and elevated performance even under extreme flow rates.



  • Materials: PP, PVC, PVDF.
  • Savino Barbera mechanical seal.
  • Monoblock construction.
  • Shaft fitted directly onto the motor shaft.
  • Hose-barbed, threaded or flanged nozzles.
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